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The Super Soft Mineral Shower Head

Mineral Shower

The Super Soft Shower is a revolutionary shower head system. The shower heads combine natural minerals that clean, purify and soften the water with laser cut discs which create a more powerful showering experience, even with low pressure.

Negative ION



So much safer for you and your family

The Super Soft Shower is also one of the most hygienic shower heads on the market. This is down to the fact that they can be completely disassembled, allowing you to completely clean every part of the shower head. Unlike a standard shower head, where there is no access to the body, allowing a build-up of germs and bacteria.

Energy Saving

The Super Soft Shower creates its power by forcing the water through smaller holes in the shower head. Much like holding your thumb over the end of a hose, forcing the water through a smaller gap increase the power at which it escapes. This means it’s possible to have a powerful shower, even with the lowest water pressure. Forcing the water through the tiny laser cut holes also has the benefit of creating smaller water droplets, which is more easily absorbed by the skin, rather than larger droplets which can bounce off the skin on impact.

5 Year Guarantee

It’s no surprise then that these factors, as well as the fact we offer a 5-year guarantee on all our products that the Super Soft Shower is one of the hottest new showering products on the market.

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