Replacement Handles

All Showers come with replaceable handles. If for any reason they need replacing, we can send out replacements! If you need to order a replacement shop now! *The Chrome handle only fits the adjustable range and the large amazon shower head.*

Wall Mountable Bracket

If you require a wall mountable bracket for installation, rather than a riser rail, these are available to purchase, Shop Now!


all our shower heads have a 20ml standard screw thread fitting, this adaptor reduces it to 15ml, mainly used in salons with a back wash sink Shop Now!


The minerals in the shower head are responsible for clearing out impurities and softening the water. Over time as the minerals age they become less effective. We offer both top up or full refill packs, if you feel your shower needs a refresh, shop now!

Rubberised Disc

This disc can be used in any 65mm shower head and its for people who love the feel and health benefits a mineral shower but don’t like the fine silky spray this has larger holes that produce a more vigerous spray pattern but does only save up to 20% water. The rubberised disc should be used with electric shower systems in order to prevent back pressure, which can damage the electric systems.

Shower Hose

2 Meter Super Soft Shower hose compatible with all Super Soft Shower heads.

Scents for Scented Turbo Shower Head

A pack of 4 scents for the Scented Turbo Shower Head. Choose from our selection of Orange, Lavender, Jasmine and Lemon.