Morning Everyone.
Who wants to see the list of shower heads that are apart of our Black Friday Deals?
These are as follows;
Small Turbo Shower Head
Medium Turbo Shower Head
Scented Turbo Shower Head
Small LED Shower Head
Medium LED Shower Head
Long Hair Brush Shower
Doggy Groom Brush Shower
Pop onto our website to learn more information about these products before they go onto offer.
Which one will you buy?
Have a great day!
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Morning Everyone!
Black Friday is this Friday and we will doing some amazing Black Friday deals on some of our amazing shower heads.
Keep an eye out for the full list of what shower heads will be going on our Black Friday Deals.
Have a great day!
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Super Soft Shower is at Festive gift fair - NEC.

Morning Everyone.
The big man is ready to make his appearance soon with only 5 weeks and 4 days to go till Christmas Day.
We are getting our vans packed and ready to go to NEC Birmingham to attend the "Festive Gift Fair" why not come down and see us demonstrate our amazing products.
We will be at stand B42.
Come and have a look!
Have a fantastic day!
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Afternnon Everyone!
Does someone you know suffer with Eczema or Psoriasis?
Maybe a family member, friend or child?
Or if this cold weather is getting to your own skin?
Well our shower heads with 3 stage filtration system treats Eczema and Psoriasis.
They take out the Fluoride and Chlorine out of the water before touching your skin, making the hard and harsh water, soft and healthy for your skin and hair.
Why not give one of our shower heads a go and let us know?
Don't forget to SHARE!SHARE!SHARE!
Have a great day
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