Large Amazon Shower Head


Experience The Luxury of a Negative Ion Mineralized Shower Spa.

  • Removes calcium chlorine and other impurities making hard water soft
  • Rejuvenates your skin, reduces oil secretion and promotes moisture balanced skin.
  • Makes your hair soft, shiney and silky smooth.

*Images for display purposes and actual products size and shape may vary slightly*

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Product Description

The largest hand-held shower head that we do, 90 mm dia head, stainless steel water saving disc, single spray pattern, long handle, 3 stage filtration system, ideal for – people who enjoy a natural rain shower.
*Please be aware this model when in use and filled with water together with the minerals, becomes rather heavy. You must tighten up your riser rail to stop it flopping when in use, alternatively you can buy a fixed holder supplied by us please see accessories for this item.
Also because of the size and amount of holes in the head, you do need good water pressure for this to work effectively.


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