Medium Magnetic Turbo


Experience The Luxury of a Negative Ion Mineralized Shower Spa.

  • Removes calcium chlorine and other impurities making hard water soft
  • Rejuvenates your skin, reduces oil secretion and promotes moisture balanced skin.
  • Makes your hair soft, shiney and silky smooth.

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Product Description

This is a unique household version of the Super Soft shower that we have produced with a 65mm dia head, stainless steel water saving disc (single-square spray pattern), long handle, 3 stage filtration, ideal for – shower cubicles and baths around the homes as this has a larger spray. There is an option of a straight spray which is the width of the shower head or a cone spray which is 3x the width of the head.this has also got strong magnets in the neck of the shower to give you magnetic therapy which help to disarm free radicals in your body to help the soothing and healing process you would get from magnetic therapy bands


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