Small Multi-Purpose Adjustable Salon Professional

Multi Purpose Salon Stubby Small Adjustable


Experience The Luxury of a Negative Ion Mineralized Shower Spa.

  • Removes calcium chlorine and other impurities making hard water soft
  • Rejuvenates your skin, reduces oil secretion and promotes moisture balanced skin.
  • Makes your hair soft, shiney and silky smooth.

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Product Description

this is a multi function 50 mm 3 spray pattern head the angle of the head is 90 degrees with 3 stage filtration system but with a small 40mm stubby handle,the handles were designed for hair salons where you hold the head rather than the handle when you are using it for washing hair we have also found that in a household situation if you have a low roof in your shower cubicle that this head can go further up your riser rail so the water goes on your head rather than you face or body stainless steel water saving disc, 3 spray pattern with an easy to use adjusting switch.

1) Jet Spray great for jetting our the shower cubicle or bath when you have finished, also great for removing conditioner easily and effectively from long hair thus saving you time and water. With this spray you can turn the shower up hot and direct the water onto any muscle pains, neck or back ache etc.

2) Soft Spray good for people who don’t like the force of the water on their skin such as those with sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis and many other skin allergies, we have also found that as the water is not as hard, pet owners highly rate this setting.

3) Both Sprays together creates a more forceful invigorating shower.



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