Small Turbo Shower Head


Experience The Luxury of a Negative Ion Mineralized Shower Spa.

  • Removes calcium chlorine and other impurities making hard water soft
  • Rejuvenates your skin, reduces oil secretion and promotes moisture balanced skin.
  • Makes your hair soft, shiney and silky smooth.

*Images for display purposes and actual products size and shape may vary slightly*

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Product Description

The first Super Soft shower that we produced, 50mm dia head, stainless steel water saving disc, single spray pattern, long handle, 3 stage filtration system, ideal for – caravans, motor homes, boats or a small shower cubicle where a smaller spray pattern is needed, great for salons also.

**Electric shower users should consult their showers manufacturers instructions as the pressure that the laser cut disc creates can create a backflow issue on these systems. This is because some electric showers have a pump to force water through the heating chamber and therefore require a faster unrestricted flow. The rubberised disc we supply (asc003) should be used with these systems.**


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