Long Hair Brush Shower

This was the first version of the Super Soft shower that we produced with a hair brush on the head. Black and silver with concealed minerals and a rectangular head, strong and tough nylon bristles with long handle and 3 stage filtration. Ideal for people with long hair and also great for long haired dogs and horse grooming, as well as anywhere you need water and a hard bristled brush at the same time.

Medium magnetic Turbo

This is a unique household version of the Super Soft shower that we have produced with a 65mm dia head, stainless steel water saving disc (single-square spray pattern), long handle, 3 stage filtration, ideal for – shower cubicles and baths around the homes as this has a larger spray. There is an option of a straight spray which is the width of the shower head or a cone spray which is 3x the width of the head.this has also got strong magnets in the neck of the shower to give you magnetic therapy which help to disarm free radicals in your body to help the soothing and healing process you would get from magnetic therapy bands.

Scented Turbo Shower Head

The Super Soft Scented turbo shower head is based on the small turbo shower head in that is has the same head as small turbo shower head, 50mm inside diameter, 65mm outer diameter. The differences being it has an orange handle with a Chrome finished head. What makes this shower head different is that inside the head is a scented capsule. These are available in four scents Lemon, Orange, Lavender and Jasmine Just like the rest of the Super Soft Shower range it maintains the soft spray pattern but adds scent to the water whilst you shower.

Please Note: Some electric shower units require a faster flow of water through the main unit and the shower heads with the small holed stainless-steel discs may not be suitable. Please consult with the manufacturer or instruction manual. However, replacing the stainless-steel disc with the rubberised disc, only available in medium, should solve the problem. This allows you to still enjoy the benefits of mineral filtered water, with an up to 20% water saving.